America's Chamber of The Year Innovates Their Industry, Again

Charleston Metro Chamber of Commerce (2019 Redesign)
Website, UI/UX Design, Engineering
Chambers of Commerce all over the country are transitioning to a digital business model. But in an industry defined by its in-person networking culture, that’s no easy task. So how do Chambers better convert their members online? How do they develop platforms that effectively (and digitally) connect members to one another?

These are the kinds of questions we’ve been working on with the Charleston Metro Chamber of Commerce (CMCC) over the past four years. By the time Millennials are running the majority of businesses, we want to ensure that CMCC remains the No. 1 place for business development, gathering insights, and networking.

It’s a lofty goal — and we aren’t done yet. Our work with CMCC is ongoing and complex. But here’s a snapshot of the work and goals achieved so far.
Our first charge was to redesign their website. CMCC saw the value in being the go-to news source for members and nonmembers alike in the lowcountry. But to do this, they needed a website that forefronted news, updates, and information — and made for an easy way to sift through articles.

The project was a complete website redesign. The result was a site that was not only sleek and intuitive, but one that proactively met the demands of readers, and the mobile consumer in particular.

"I continually go to our website just to admire it." — Bryan Derreberry, President & CEO of the CMCC

After launching the new site, CMCC saw a 48% increase in website users and a 38% increase in website sessions over the next year. The increased site traffic helped the Chamber connect better with members, thereby heavily improving both memberships and conversions.
Given the forecasted changes over the next decade, we knew CMCC needed more than a new website. They needed an agile way to engage with members and a means of being agile themselves as their industry pivots.

Over the years, we’ve created digital platforms and educational forums to improve CMCC’s touch points with its members and meet them where they are. But as we learned more about CMCC’s pain points, we knew they needed a solution that could do more. They needed something that would eliminate inefficiencies and operational waste, and work in the background as a complete automated system for CMCC and their members.

So since January 2016, we’ve worked to develop custom platform software to improve how CMCC manages their current members and prepares to connect with those of tomorrow. The product is called Heystack, which we built and then customized to meet CMCC’s specific needs and brand regulations.

Heystack employs technology and automation to streamline operational tasks and save time, while enabling meaningful connections between members with similar interests.
Once Heystack is fully employed and integrated with their current system, CMCC will be able to work at maximum operational efficiency, automate the everyday, and produce the margins for business growth. All business transactions and communication will be integrated.

For members, the software is an exciting new benefit — a portal that unifies and simplifies communication, member events and directory information, all in one place. The software better connects members with members, providing an easier way to facilitate business relationships.

This new system will allow CMCC not only to produce more revenue today, but continue to grow once the market fully shifts to the business decision-makers of 2025. It will allow the Charleston Metro Chamber of Commerce to speak a new native, digital language of connectivity, real-time value, and a global network.
Our marketing and leadership team prized the working relationship we developed, and have on an ongoing basis, with the team at SOUTH.”
Bryan Derreberry | President & CEO, Charleston Metro Chamber of Commerce

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