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We’ve been growing with this force in the fitness industry since 2009 — back when successful articles might receive 100 views. From these humble beginnings, Juggernaut’s one man operation has grown into a multi-platform, global giant that sees over 600,000 monthly visitors. From branding to engineering to developing automation strategies, our team has been there every step of the way.

Over 4.7 Million visitors in 226 countries visited Juggernaut’s site in 2014. Juggernaut’s site (shown below) was in need of an upgrade — twelve fold increases in traffic tend to have that effect. Juggernaut didn’t need another pretty homepage. They needed a conversion engine woven into their educational resources so users didn’t have to click along some sophisticated sales funnel — they were already in it. With this in mind, we got to work.

Read a detailed review of Juggernaut's user metrics and site redesign strategy.
Our work with Juggernaut through the years includes an array of digital experiences and physical products. Juggernaut was an early mover and leader in the Fitness eBook space. Our team created unique 'mini-brands' for each book launch that included cover designs, book layout styles and advertisements that captured each author's personality and appealed to their target audience.
In 2014, the majority of web usage was moving to mobile, that's where we began our design phase. We included a number of interactive, icon driven elements to drive conversion without sacrificing user experience. Given that Juggernaut's article content was 'the funnel', we integrated infinite scroll so the user could read more pages per visit without having to stop to navigate or load new pages — a critical feature in increasing conversions.

The focus then turned to engagement, which is where our best work occurs. As each page loads, the user is greeted with a set of intuitive options. In the top left, a standard icon triggers a custom menu on every device. On the right, the user can toggle through multiple, real-time menus allowing them to sort, shop, checkout or participate in Juggernaut’s private social network, STRONG360. Finally, as the user begins reading the article, they can share, save, comment or predict reading time — each of these features are accompanied by custom functionality.

As the article progresses, interactive triggers expand related products in the right sidebar. Without interruption, the user can make on-page purchase decisions or continue reading. An intelligent advertising system recommends suggested store items most relevant to page topic.

Juggernaut’s mission is to produce and share the highest quality education — we honored this commitment by keeping content at the center of each feature.
As Juggernaut expanded to offer consumable products, we helped develop and design Grind Supplements — including logo, packaging, advertisements and digital properties. Grind Supplements successfully exited, click to read more about Juggernaut's innovative product line.
Juggernaut's redesigned site needed to serve two masters: high functionality eCommerce and sophisticated content organization. Prior to the advent of API driven, headless architecture, this was a difficult challenge — especially without an unlimited budget. In 2014, our solution was elegant as we built a custom integration that allowed a fully custom Wordpress installation to communicate with Shopify. The user's front end experience remained seamless as they navigated between two incredibly different backend systems (Wordpress & Shopify) — not to mention a custom sidebar integration for Juggernaut's private social network tool.

Technically, this site was years ahead of its time.
Apperal design, seminars, webinars, competitions, programming templates, and an ever growing Team Juggernaut roster, Chad Wesley Smith has continually innovated his field while staying true to his 'no gimmicks' philosophy. We can't wait to see what the future holds for this unstoppable force in the fitness industry.
“My experience with SOUTH has been nothing short of exceptional. Their designs are innovative, streamlined, and effective, helping my web presence grow exponentially over the last year. In addition to excellent work, their service is second to none, always going the extra mile to make sure I’m happy with their work and everything with my site is running smoothly.” — Chad Wesley Smith | Owner, Juggernaut Training Systems
My experience with SOUTH has been nothing short of exceptional.”
Chad Wesley Smith | Owner, Juggernaut Training Systems

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