Creating A Leasing Process Tenants Actually Enjoy

The Winkler Organization
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What can you say about a small business that you were literally born into? Growing up, often times family dinners became business meetings, 35+ years later, that hasn't changed and we wouldn't have it any other way.

By 2011, The Winkler Organization had grown from a startup to a medium sized real estate development firm with nearly 20 multi-family properties and 1,000 bedrooms. The company had grown in leaps around a manual process that was holding them back — they needed to move their processes online, they needed automation, they needed to distance themselves from their increasingly sophisticated competition. It was time to get to work.
We first redesigned their online presence by converting a static information site into a revenue generating, efficiency creating powerhouse. Applications and the entire leasing process moved online, drastically reducing the effort prospective tenants had to make to apply and execute their leases, which allowed the Winkler Organization team to fill bedrooms earlier in the year — they haven't had a vacancy in 10 years.

Once these critical infrastructures and processes were in place, we then focused on improving their customer ('tenants') experience.
Our first campaign was led by door to door surveying to interact with and understand their tenants — what they liked, disliked, and wanted to potentially experience. What resulted from these surveys is called the Winkler Perks Program. Based on survey responses, we met with the most popular local businesses and negotiated exclusive discounts that no other management company can offer. In the decade since, the Winkler Perks Program has become a primary driver of Word of Mouth advertising and referrals.
Our focus then turned to improving the mobile and online property tour experience (more staff efficiencies). The Winkler Organization's tenant demographic is 99% college students. This fact demanded that their website and application process could be well executed on mobile — viewing room tours, photography and application form submissions. Mission accomplished.
Boone, NC's significant growth over the last 35 years is attracting large, outside investment firms with sophisticated operating and marketing programs. Without a vacancy in the last 10 years, this process has been successful, but our work isn't done, technology and tenant expectations will continue to evolve, and so will The Winkler Organization.
What used to be our weakest link has become our best asset and marketing tool. Our processes are more efficient, our tenants are happier and we haven't had a vacancy in 10 years.”
Scott Cook | CFO, The Winkler Organization

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