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Truck Specialized Parking Services
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Trucking is, without a doubt, one of America’s most storied industries. For nearly 100 years, a proud, blue-collar labor force has traversed our nation’s vast, beautiful, and even treacherous highway network, delivering all manner of goods. Despite this pivotal role in our economy and modern advances in communication, truckers still experience frustration in one of automotive travel’s most critical aspects: safe, secure parking.

The team of visionaries at Truck Specialized Parking Services (TSPS) contacted SOUTH on a mission to produce a fully automated platform of transportation data. The goals: save valuable time, money, and lives in an industry hinged on deadlines and guaranteed deliveries.
With delivery times and shift duration strictly regulated, any diversion for a truck driver can be costly. This fact makes knowing the exact location of the next stop, the availability of physical parking spaces, and the quality of on-site resources critical information for drivers. Osprey goes beyond a typical dashboard by distributing data across government (DOT) approved road signage and mobile applications — maximizing shift productivity and driver safety.

Existing site sensors and adjustable cameras relay real-time availability at upcoming highway exits. Key availability metrics, sensor error outputs, manual count adjustment records, and status insights are relayed to a centralized database that ensures accurate information is delivered across numerous native applications, web environments, and physical road signs. Governmental bodies can make more informed infrastructure development decisions. More importantly, drivers now have parking availability insights ahead of time and know exactly what each stop entails, no guesswork or costly diversion required.
The idea that more well informed and equipped employees perform better is not original. But the unique efforts taken to inform and equip often do require a novel approach. The process of completing TSPS’s ‘circuit’ of data, hardware and personnel brought the Osprey platform into a strikingly tangible and impressive realm. With real-time data now reaching drivers all across the country, results had to be fast and accurate. This fact drove our efforts to develop a dependable platform that works 24/7 in any type of weather. Working with the brilliant team at TSPS and partnering with a number of trusted industry experts allowed our team to deliver on this challenging project. We look forward to watching TSPS revolutionize the transportation industry as the future moves forward.
This project started with us analyzing roadways in Detroit  and ended with recognition from the Governor of Michigan. Thank you for the opportunity, TSPS!”
Nate Winkler, Owner, SOUTH

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