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The team at SOUTH worked with Samaritan’s Purse for over 10 years. We partnered with OCC to create Build-A-Box — a platform capable of processing millions of shoebox orders worldwide. This interactive application allows users to drag and drop items into their shoebox, attach personal messages, and check out using a secure payment gateway.

Each year, thousands of volunteers and employees deliver millions of Christmas shoeboxes to children in need. We joined in to help Samaritan’s Purse improve user experience, reduce donor drop-off volume and automate their supply chain. This program has inspired leaders, started churches and delivered over 100 million smiles to hurting children. Pretty amazing what a little shoebox can do.
Innovative frontend design is the fun part. When you’re distributing 10 million shoeboxes across the globe, logistics becomes your real concern. We built a custom system that automates each step of the fulfillment process, from donation to delivery.

Upon payment, the user receives a confirmation email containing specific order details, a shipping label, and a link to their personal tracking page. This page allows supporters to track a dynamic shipping path as their order is delivered.

Automated email updates keep donors informed on the status of their package. When an individual has multiple orders, the system intelligently combines all updates into one message so the organization doesn’t become a nuisance to the customer.

Supply chain managers receive a robust order form containing recipient age, gender, and shoebox contents. Custom barcodes allow employees to begin, pause, or complete order fulfillment. Employees can bulk process orders or use hand-held scanners to update package statuses before shipping. Each transaction feature is visible in our fully custom, responsive admin panel.

The results thus far have been incredible: more shoeboxes, more donors, improved constituent communication, fewer inbound emails, more accurate deliveries and one amazing platform.
What if using social media at work wasn’t synonymous with wasteful distraction? The Small World application sought to answer this question by taking the powerful engagement attributes of the typical social media sites and wrapping them into a fluid environment focused on generating meaningful connections. Where LinkedIn and Facebook connect digital profiles, Small World goes a step further. On a layover for a few hours? Why not have a cup of coffee with another professional in the same airport? Or strike up a direct message thread with someone in your network? With these actions Small World taps into the most powerful, time-tested business generation model: cultivating real, human connections.
This isn’t a Facebook experience. Small World is built for professionals. Users can find, refer, and request new connections. Denying or removing a connection can be made with simple, deliberate gestures.

Users can personalize their level of accessibility based on real-time availability and overall desire to network. Unprofitable communication has been eliminated so Small World can bring actual impact to your bottom line. Set to launch Q4 2015, Small World is going to change the way professionals do business.
In early 2017, SOUTH was tapped by Charleston-based software company In/Pact to design v1 of a new corporate giving platform. This new tool would allow the customers of major corporations to have a hand in deciding where that company gives philanthropically.

Core to the platform is a belief that allowing customers to dictate the direction of corporate philanthropy will create a more engaging customer experience.

Properly executed, the platform will increase overall giving as well as provide companies with valuable information on their customers’ personal values — a gold mine for tailoring future marketing efforts and improving business.
Philanthropy increases brand loyalty (long term customers) when you practice it genuinely.”

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