A Bay Area Software Giant Surveys The Internet of Things

UI/UX Design, Web App Engineering
Capturing attention and disrupting an industry has never been more difficult, or achievable. With this truth in mind, the team at Autodesk works tirelessly to pioneer new services and user experiences. Our Connected Futures would provide Autodesk with insight into the type of technology the world is most excited about as we look ahead. No basic website would do, innovation had to be woven into the fibers of the platform itself. With this in mind, we got to work.
As with most Autodesk projects, ‘engagement’ was the defining metric (KPI). What began as a simple discussion with Autodesk about ranking different products and technology became an incredible platform. Product feature cards allow the user to evaluate, rank, share, save and learn more about a future technology. An activity feed dynamically pulls social content from an array of platforms into one, concise thread. An intelligent ranking system establishes product hierarchy while providing real-time trending data and insights. Suggested reading helps Autodesk distribute engaged readers to their other, various content platforms for further reading and conversion.

Launching a platform of this magnitude requires more than inspiring design and strategy, it requires expertise at every level. Mobile was the dominate ‘screen’ for this project, however, every platform must adapt to the device at hand. Unique experiences for tablet and desktop were constructed to ensure maximal user engagement, on every device. The results of this initiative have been overwhelming as the City of San Francisco is now considering the system to gauge public interest in a number of democratic scenarios.

"Bringing a new agency onboard always has its risks, especially when you're looking for a strategic partner who can also get their hands dirty and deliver tactically as well.  SOUTH is a lean and mean team who are thorough and nothing but a pleasure to work with." — Alex Cook | Content Marketing Manager, Autodesk
SOUTH has the creative and technical experience to solve complex problems, even with very aggressive deadlines.”
Alex Cook | Content Marketing Manager, Autodesk

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