Over 4,000 Customized Books Delivered In Two Weeks

One Hope
UI/UX Design, Identity, Web App Development
OneHope provides print materials and support for thousands of churches, enabling change in the lives of millions worldwide. To be an effective, outcome-based ministry, they believe the next generation needs long-term, spiritual support. They partnered with our team to bring the future present with a revolutionary publishing platform — Books of Hope.
Automating supply chain management is one of our most valuable skills. When we can dive into your process and bolster efficiency while improving accuracy, we get very excited. Our agency was founded for projects of this magnitude. Complex fulfillment scenarios imply time and cost saving opportunities for our process driven team.
OneHope emphasizes simplicity throughout their process. The web store needed to honor this commitment while improving conversion. Our creative team went to work prototyping, pruning and adjusting each interaction so users could intuitively move through a complex assortment of steps.

Enabling customization meant we had to build an nearly aqueous system capable of responding to any action, copy, or file added to or removed from the document. Producing a vector, print-ready file “in browser” meant we were literally reinventing the wheel. Visual cues allow the user to remain focused on the task at hand without any navigation anxiety.
OneHope has worked hard to design quality books, forge strong partnerships and orchestrate a successful business model. In past years, antiquated technology prevented Books of Hope from producing the returns the team knew were possible. Within the first two weeks of launching, OneHope surpassed last year’s orders by 9000%.
Books of Hope stands out as one of those company defining projects — major challenge, amazing results, real impact.”
Nate Winkler | Owner, SOUTH

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