Yesterday's Metrics Guide Tomorrow's Conversion Strategy

Driving 4.7 Million Visitors from 226 Countries, Juggernaut's audience and content strategies reveal some noteworthy lessons for every owner and marketer.

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We’ve been growing with this force in the fitness industry since 2009 — back when successful articles might receive 100 views. From these humble beginnings, Juggernaut’s one man operation has grown into a multi-platform, global giant that sees over 600,000 monthly visitors. From branding to engineering to developing automation strategies, our team has been there every step of the way. As 2014 came to a close, Juggernaut’s site was in need of an upgrade — twelve fold increases in traffic tend to have that effect. Juggernaut didn’t need another pretty homepage. They needed a conversion engine woven into their educational resources so users didn’t have to click along some sophisticated sales funnel — they were already in it. With this in mind, we got to work.

Flexing our Design Muscle

From the beginning, we knew future growth would rely on our ability to create conversions by integrating passive triggers to learn, consume and spend more. Our process was simple: develop a flawless experience by pairing yesterday’s user trends with tomorrow’s interface design. Numbers don’t lie, that’s where our strategy began.

Your Audience Is Unique: Engage Them

Before we began the design phase, we immersed ourselves in Juggernaut’s user behavior data. The chart above details the growth of Juggernaut’s platform over the last twelve months.

Over 4.7 Million visitors in 226 countries visited Juggernaut’s site in 2014. The brutal yet encouraging insights we discovered would lay the groundwork for every decision moving forward.

Juggernaut has never benefited from the strategy we pour into an enterprise level site. Of those 4.7 million users, only 8.4% (395,000) were even making it to the store. Like most sites, the majority of Juggernaut’s audience uses mobile (413,463 more than desktop in 2014 to be exact), however those users only represented 25% of the revenue. This trend had to be reversed, we continued digging.

We found that 21 of the top 25 and 86 of the top 100 most visited site pages were articles. Furthermore, these article pages averaged 350% longer page time than other top pages. Facebook, the top referral source (60% total, m.facebook alone represented 29%), directed 12% of all site visitors to article pages (indicating user interest).

We discovered these high performing articles (based on number of visits and average page time) each had high bounce rates, 85.7% when the average tends to be around 45%. These pages needed to direct users to deeper study or produce conversions — unfortunately, they were doing neither.

With these numbers in mind, we identified our three areas of focus with Juggernaut’s redesign — keeping content central, improving mobile engagement and viewing article pages as the ecommerce gateway.

We were ready to start building.

A Focus on Engagement

Featuring content, improving mobile experience and converting through the most visited pages — pretty revolutionary strategy, huh? Not exactly. It’s the innovative way we went about executing these goals that will change the way the fitness industry consumes content, shops, and engages with the brands they love.

With the majority of users coming through mobile, the simplest way to reduce bounce rate and increase pages per visit was to enable infinite scroll. This allows new content to passively load as the user completes an article section. Increasing pages/visit exponentially improves the probability of conversion when paired with other features in this unique platform.

The focus then turned to engagement, which is where our best work occurs. As each page loads, the user is greeted with a set of intuitive options. In the top left, a standard icon triggers a custom menu on every device. On the right, the user can toggle through multiple, real-time menus allowing them to sort, shop, checkout or participate in Juggernaut’s private social network, STRONG360. Finally, as the user begins reading the article, they can share, save, comment or predict reading time — each of these features are accompanied by custom functionality.

“You can’t continually engage the reader by producing the same content, on the same medium, using the same platform. You have to vary not only your topic, but your depth as well.”
— Chad Smith, Owner, Juggernaut

As the article progresses, interactive triggers expand related products in the right sidebar. Without interruption, the user can make on-page purchase decisions or continue reading. An intelligent advertising system recommends suggested store items most relevant to page topic.

Juggernaut’s mission is to produce and share the highest quality education — we honored this commitment by keeping content at the center of each feature.

Reduce Clutter, Increase Conversion

If you’re reading this, the majority of visitors are (or will be) viewing your site on tablet/smartphone. Increasing revenue on smaller screen widths must be a point of emphasis.

Duel mobile flyout menus maintain a clean, content-centric experience without sacrificing the conversion pieces. Juggernaut is a name that’s on the lips of everyone in the strength training community, now it’s on their phones and tablets.

A 30-Second Opportunity

Your method of storytelling must adapt with changes in content consumerism. In an interview discussing Juggernaut’s strategy for Driving 600,000 Monthly Visits, Chad Wesley Smith explained:

“You can’t continually engage the reader by producing the same content, on the same medium, using the same platform all the time. You have to not only vary your topic, but your depth as well. Sometimes you only have 30 seconds to communicate your brand’s value and purpose, you have to be able to take advantage of that opportunity. However if all you ever give are two line tips and 30 second thoughts, you’ll have readers outgrow you.”

As Juggernaut continued to grow, a segment of their audience wanted to learn at a deeper level. Creating a personal, private online community was a natural step in the ‘diversification process’. We engineered the STRONG360 Community to address this need. Forums, webinars, live streams, private messaging/chat and automated recurring payments make this network as strong as those inside it (view the STRONG360 platform walkthrough above).

SOUTH’s team has partnered with Juggernaut in a number of ventures as they continue to redefine the fitness industry. In the coming weeks, Juggernaut will once again raise the bar with their new site and GRIND, their line of performance supplements.

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